Thermal Envelope Assessment

With the help of infrared technology EnergySeal will evaluate your building as a system and help you determine the cause of your home performance problems. We have decades of experience and training in diagnosing building performance issues in extreme climates. After a building is evaluated we will issue a report outlining the building's performance issues that are discovered. We will discuss the most effective solutions to remedy your performance deficiencies. Optimizing the thermal performance of your building will help eliminate ice dams, reduce heating and cooling loads by more than half, and improve the health and well-being of building occupants.

Infrared Imaging


Comprehensive Infrared building envelope analysis is the only proven, nondestructive and complete method for troubleshooting building heat loss and moisture problems. Building owners use envelope testing to save millions of dollars every year by reducing energy costs, minimizing structural damage, and enhancing occupant comfort and health. Our Thermal Evelope Assesment will:

 Pinpoint missing, damaged or wet insulation
 Locate causes of frozen pipes and ice dams
 Prioritize and document heat and energy loss problems
 Identify sources of air and water infiltration
 Reduce heating and cooling costs

Additional Testing Services
Duct Blaster Test: To address the hot and cold spots of your home, as well as any possible heating or cooling loss through the duct system, we perform a Duct Blaster Test. This test locates any problem areas and quantifies the extent of the leakage. Once the source of the leak has been pin-pointed, remedial actions can be undertaken to seal the duct system.

Blower Door Test: This test quantifies the amount of leakage in the home's envelope. In short, it locates holes and leaks in the home by depressurizing the building. It also aids in finding air barrier and insulation flaws.

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