Save energy. Save money. Save world?

Is it possible to halt global warming by building an energy-efficient building? Maybe not, but it's worth a shot. Long-term thinking can be a short-term necessity, and if you've worked on construction or renovation projects in the past, you know that the "cheap solutions" can really end up costing you down the road. What looks good on paper doesn't always work in the real world.


That's why with our customers, EnergySeal stresses Value, not just cost, as important building decisions are made. By investing in a superior insulation system upfront, you can save not only energy costs for the lifetime of the building, but headaches as well.


EnergySeal has been working for over two decades to bring the most advanced building performance systems to homeowners, builders, designers, and architects across Idaho and the Northwest.


Building a new home is an expensive investment. Additionally, building in snow country creates many potential problems for homes that are unable to perform in an extreme climate. High energy bills, ice dams, moisture damage, mold, and comfort issues can create a major headache for any homeowner. We will make sure your new home is durable, comfortable, efficient, and virtually worry free.


We bring our 20 years of extreme climate expertise and building science to every project. Our record of customer satisfaction is unparalleled. And, of course, we stand behind our work - using EnergySeal will increase your referrals and lessen headache of future callbacks for mold, moisture, comfort, and ice dam issues. We have built our business on customer referrals. This same idea will work for contractors that work with EnergySeal. Increased comfort, low maintenance, and radically reduced energy demands will ensure your clients become your best salesmen.

Designers and Architects

EnergySeal brings real-world extreme climate experience. We have worked with thousands of clients apply the best systems for maximizing durability, comfort, and efficiency. Our insulation design systems offer you the tools to improve building performance while keeping costs down. We have many technologies with in-the-field experience to help you optimize your design for every individual project. And, especially these days, don't forget that you can maximize LEED project eligibility with our efficient and eco-friendly systems.

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